Our services :: Consulting and installation assistance

Consulting and Support is a set of services that we offer to private and parastatal companies wishing to settle in Equatorial Guinea to invest. These services are related to hotels booking, entryconditions, stay and exit (visa, residence permits), documents to provide for the authorization of establishment and registration of your company, the constraints related to taxes required by the Equatorial Guinean administration, the various ministries involved in the sector of your business, customs, security, availability and operation of certain minimum services such as water, electricity, telephone, transport, internet ... etc.. 

Our role is to facilitate this information to you and draw up the socio-economic landscape of Equatorial Guinea. We also knew that the mastery of political actors, regions, customs and practices is an asset that we provide you and enable you definethe environment in which you are goingto invest. GSPis always close to you involved to what you need. We assure your reception at the airport, and transport upon your arrival up to the hotel of your choice previously reserved. Regarding the legal recognition of your company,GSP has a dynamic team that ensures the transmission and the follow-up of the dossiers to government authorities until his delivery.

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