Our services :: Medical evacuation and body repatriation

The major concern of GPS is to allow any person resident in Equatorial Guinea to regain his health by offering medical evacuation service in case of serious injury, illness if he is not able to be treated in local hospitals.

Whatever is your nationality, GPS has a service ready to assure your repatriation if necessary. Repatriation can be carried out depending on the severity of the case:

  • Either by a regular flight with particular arrangement, according to the destination of your choice.
  • Or by medicated air ambulance (or any other best suitedmeans) to the nearest country of your choice or to provide you the appropriate care.

If the sick or injured person is evacuated to a nearest country, later if his health permits, after acceptance of both parties,he can be repatriated to his country of expatriation by airliner and can be accompanied by a third party supported by GSP.

In case of death GSP is responsible for:

  • Transporting the body in a coffin according to the currentlegislation and quality.
  • Funeral necessary steps to repatriate the body from the place of putting in a coffin to the burial place.

Currently GPS provides this kind of service to companies, diplomatic missions and international organizations in Equatorial Guinea.

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