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Since joining the circle of producing oil countries, Equatorial Guinea has embarked on a wide range of all-out construction to become by 2020, an emerging country. But to do so it needs to have a strong and skilled workforcewhich does not have enough and is forced to deal with expatriates attracted by the oil boom. GSP is involved every day to enable you find,regardless of the business field, (civil engineering, telecommunications, oil & gas, medical, finance, hotel business, tourism, administration, marketings etc. ....) secretaries, housekeepers, security agents, drivers, messengers, accountants, masons, carpenters, welders, plumbers...). These people who have good character, team spirit, experience and professionalism detected during various interviews and tests are guaranteed to satisfy you.

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If you are looking for an employ or want to change your career for various reasons, we are pleased to present you the different jobs that come from our will to help you to find a place in the labor market and reply to the needs of companies.


In order to allow you to find people fit for the smooth functioning of your activities, GSP invite you to browse in this section the CV list that we publish after the work done by our experts who took care to regroup the best profiles in their field and whose quality and experience are beyond doubt.

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